Looking for a job in the Hammond Indiana area, just outside of Chicago IL? One of the best options for landing a new job is to take on temp work. Temporary work can open up the doors to a great new career with a leading company. The good news is that Hammond IN is in a period of growth and development, with new businesses coming into the area as this region rebuilds since the recession.

As of 2010, Hammond has outpaced Gary Indiana in population, with media household incomes ranging from $35,000 to $47,000 per year. This means plenty of opportunities to work for companies spanning multiple industries and neighborhoods that are friendly to both young people and families.

In order to get your job search started, it’s important to know where to find temp jobs in Hammond IN. Here are some tips to help.

Create an outstanding resume for temporary jobs.

Temporary jobs can be found in Hammond IN, but just as with a perm job you will want to present a well-designed resume. Work with a resume writer or career coach to write a resume that will demonstrate your skills and work history in an easy to read format. Update your skills and credentials. Have several copies to send in with your temp job applications when requested.

Register with the best temp agency for your industry.

To get your temp job search off on the right foot, you will want to get registered as a candidate with Davis Staffing, a leading employment firm in the Hammond IN area. You will want to bring your resume, a list of your career references, and a good attitude. During your meeting with the staff here, you will want to schedule enough time to fill out our online application, talk with a recruiter, and possibly take assessments suited for the type of work you wish to do.

Search for temp jobs through Chicago Works.

Hammond IN temp jobs can be found as part of the regional workforce development efforts in the Chicago area. To get in front of potential employers, submit your resume online and search through the Chicago Works website. If a temp job is offered through the website, get in touch with David Staffing to help you connect with the employer.

Be flexible and accept new assignments.

An important aspect of getting a temp job in Hammond IN is being willing and able to take on a variety of temp jobs through the staffing agency. Be open and flexible to new opportunities. Maintain contact with your temporary agency in Hammond Indiana. Ask about new jobs when you are in between temp assignments.

Remember, it may take effort on your behalf to land a temp employment in Hammond IN as well as other areas in Chicago. You will still have to work hard to find a job. But getting registered with Davis Staffing can help boost your success in finding a temp job sooner.