Hiring temporary workers is a common practice for thousands of businesses across the country. There are benefits of temporary work on both sides – from the business side and the employee side. Businesses use temporary workers to receive quality work from skilled laborers in a flexible contract that cuts down on recruitment costs. Temp employees work temporary jobs to fill gaps on their resumes and develop career skills. No matter the reason, temporary work is very important to the economy.

However, some companies don’t hold on to their temp workers as well as they would like. In this post we examine some of the reasons why this could be happening — including the importance of feedback.

Lack of Incentive Programs

Incentive programs are not just for full-time employees anymore. With more and more companies hiring temporary workers, they need these workers to be just as productive and successful while under contract. One way to hold onto temporary workers is to offer an incentive program. This can include bonuses, paid time off, rewards and awards. Giving positive feedback to temps often serves as an incentive for future work opportunities.

No Camaraderie or Team Building

Camaraderie is very important in the workplace, especially when it comes to retaining temps. Workers at all levels need to feel comfortable while on the job. Being able to work well with colleagues is an important part to the success of the company. If full-time workers do not welcome temporary workers into the workplace, then issues can arise. This can lead to the company receiving a bad reputation among temp workers, which could cause them to shy away from your company.

Lack of Involvement from Management

One way to lose temporary workers prior to the end of their contract is to have a lack of buy-in from management. Companies that hire temp workers should make sure their management team gets involved in the daily duties of the temp workers. They should introducing themselves, getting to know the temp workers and offering any assistance or guidance when needed. This will help the temp workers get used to the company and feel comfortable each day. Management that takes the time to meet with employees, both full-time and temporary, will be able to hold onto top talent.

Feedback Can Stop the Exodus

If your company has suffered a recent exodus of temporary employees, for whatever reason, you should employ some form of feedback system. Whether this includes exit interviews, surveys, questionnaires, or face-to-face conversations, all of it can help your company understand what is wrong.

Companies that cannot hold onto temporary workers will find that hiring replacements also becomes difficult due to a reputation in the market. Word-of-mouth can be both positive and negative in the business world. It is not just something clients and customers do either. Employees talk about their employers.

If your company is losing temporary workers, it is time to examine the situation and get as much feedback as possible so your company can change its operations or attitude towards temp workers. Contact the recruitment experts at Davis Staffing, a leading staffing agency in Chicago IL, for advice and support on how to provide better feedback and retain your biggest asset – your people.