As a manager, you may be concerned about how to lead your onsite temporary workforce to greatness as part of your growing team. This is often a gray area that leaves supervisors scratching their heads. However, a temporary workforce is not unlike your other employees – they just need a little guidance to help them assimilate, adjust, and become productive on the job.

In fact, temps can provide unique advantages to your leadership ability and organization, including:

  • They are more prepped and ready for your work environment thanks to the efforts of the staffing firm.
  • They are eager to prove their value to your organization because many hope to stay on permanently.
  • They are very qualified individuals who have a track record of success and want to serve your team.

With the above benefits in mind, let’s look at some ways you can lead your temp workforce as they become an integral part of your team.

#1 – Have a temp orientation ready for day one.

The best way to start temps off on the right foot and demonstrating leadership capabilities is a well-planned corporate orientation program designed just for temporary workers. This is a sped-up version of your normal employee orientation, but one that captures all the most important aspects of working for your company. You can choose to assign mentors to each temp as part of this program for an even better return on investment.

#2 – Make sure all resources are available to your temps.

To help temps become productive from the start of assignments, ensure that all the necessary resources they need are available immediately. This can include any special training, access to technology, and equipment needed to perform the duties of their temp jobs. Plan this in advance of their start date, to show you are on top of things as a leader.

#3 – Create clear expectations and goals for the temps.

A way to boost your status as a leader is to be an above-average communicator. Present each temp worker with a written and verbal explanation of their role, tasks to be performed, and the importance of meeting objectives. Talk to them about special corporate policies and procedures, and give them a chance to ask questions with an open-door policy at all times.

#4 – Demonstrate respect for temps and expect this from others.

A hurdle that many temps face on the job is not getting any respect from perm employees or being treated as not important by others. Use this as an opportunity as a leader to booth demonstrate and seek respect from y our temporary workforce. Remind them that their success is a matter of working to your standards and those of the temp agency they represent. Do not tolerate any disrespectful attitudes from temps or directed towards your temps.

#5 – Provide ongoing feedback and rewarding projects for temps.

To maximize your leadership skills when hiring temps, be sure to have a method for delivering rewarding projects and tasks to them. Make it a point to have regular feedback sessions with temps and praise them for their good work and help them when they struggle. Give meaningful rewards to those who work hard and meet company goals.

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