Need a little help around the office? Not so sure you’re ready to make a long-term commitment? Then perhaps a temporary agency is the simple solution for your staffing needs.

Hiring temporary workers in Chicago and the surrounding areas can give you plenty of benefits without the pain, or expense, that goes along with hiring full-time employees in an uncertain economy. Of course, finding the right temporary agency is your first step towards finding the right temps to end your staffing woes. Look for these qualities when exploring your staffing options.

Go Local

Local agencies, like Davis Staffing in Chicago Illinois, know the lay of the land. They have developed a relationship with the temporary workers that work with them and know the skills, talents, and temperaments of these men and women.

Staffing agency employees and owners are the people who live and work in your community. They are going to do right by you and work hard to meet your needs now so that they can continue to meet them as the economy picks up in the future.

Consider Industry Specific Agencies

There are many different types of boutique staffing agencies dedicated to filling employment gaps in specific industries. Many industry specific agencies cater to the legal field, medical field, industrial work, and even phone work.

Depending on what your specific staffing needs are and how large the community where you operate your business happens to be, it’s quite likely that there’s an industry-related staffing agency to meet your needs nearby.

Compare Your Options

See what the differences are from one agency to the next in your community before you choose. Find out which agencies offer the best terms, the shortest commitments, and the lowest overall costs to you, as an employer. More importantly, check out the quality of temps various agencies have to offer.

What you want, above all else, is to get the best possible return on your investment.

Define Your Expectations

Of all the tips you’ll receive during your search for temp agencies and/or workers, this is the best advice you’re going to get. You need to know what you want and expect from the agency you work with and the workers they send your way. Spell it out for them, and yourself, in black and white so that no one is disappointed with the results.  This will save everyone involved time, money, and aggravation.

Don’t forget that the real benefit of hiring temporary workers is that you’re able to get trained staff members to work for short periods of time, to get through busy periods, or to test the waters and see how well they fit within the company structure. Try to make the transition as easy for the worker as possible and everyone stands to benefit. Trust Davis Staffing for all your temporary worker needs in Chicago Southland and Northwest Indiana.