Having a winning employment history will help you to land your next job. Your employment history, you may be thinking, is anything but winning. It may be sorted, hectic and lack enthusiasm. You may even call it a lackluster description of the past few years. If you want to land that big job, though, you’ll need to ensure your employment history has something amazing to offer. It should tell the company what you’ve done and why you are worth hiring based on what you’ve accomplished thus far.

Tips for Making Your Employment History Stand Out

What will make your next employer read through your employment history and think you are a winner? It often depends more on how you write it than on what you include. In other words, the way you word your employment history on a job application or resume will have a direct impact on your future employability with any company. These tips will help you through the process.

  • Don’t write a job description. Most hiring managers don’t read the job description anyway. They don’t want to hear what you did on a day to day basis. It is not enough to really draw them in.
  • Allow your employment history to show your value. What did you have to offer the business? The value you present should be in things like the type of worker you are or the way you can consistently provide results. You will want to put more attention on your accomplishments here. Show what your potential value is to the company that hires you.
  • Be specific and use numbers. Just saying you grew the company’s customer base is not enough. Show numbers. Show specific data that can easily transfer into worth. Show how you helped your previous employer improve using measurable results whenever it is possible to do so.
  • Focus on the outcomes you brought to the table. In other words, talk about the result before you mention the problem. Allow the most important, most valuable or the most compelling aspect of your accomplishments on the job to be the leading factor when writing your employment history.

In addition to these tips, ensure your employment history uses action words and delivers information in a clear, easy to read manner. You want your employer to immediately see the value in what you are writing without having to read long, drawn out paragraphs of content. They just will not do so.

Even if your employment history doesn’t seem as stellar as you think it should be, by using these tools, you’ll be able to showcase your value and what you can offer to the company. At the end of the day, employers want to know what you can offer them and what they can expect from you.