Social media is on the rise in businesses today…for companies both large and small. In fact, if you want to compete, whether on a local or global scale, you almost have to embrace social media marketing in order to solidify your brand as a business and as an employer. Of course for most businesses, large and small, getting started with social media is the hardest part – especially when it comes to shape the perception of your business organization as one that is an attractive employer for 2012 and beyond.

Find Out What People are Saying about Your Business

Before you can get a conversation started with potential employees about the benefits of working for your organization, you need to know what others have to say about your business and how you conduct your business. Fortunately for you there are several social media tools in place that help you do that already. One of these resources,, deals specifically with what former employees are saying about your business. Google Alerts is another great way to gauge what people have to say.

Come up with a Solid Plan of Action

You have a plan for almost every aspect of how you operate your business. Your social media campaign should be no different. It’s important to have clearly defined objectives and a step by step plan of action to help you achieve those objectives.

When you’re trying to attract employees to your business that represent the cream of the crop, your mission needs to be to come up with a social media strategy that makes your company stand out as an employer. You want to play up the benefits of working for your organization. Do you have a relaxed corporate culture? Do you promote personal as well as professional development in your organization? What is it about your company that potential employees will find attractive?

Finally you need to have a plan for the specific social networks you intend to utilize as part of your strategy. There are many social networks out there at the moment and new networks are cropping up every day. Some of the most widely used for business purposes at the moment include: YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. These are the bare minimum you’ll want to utilize as part of your overall social media marketing strategy to attract new employees to your company.

Using Social Media Wisely

There are right and wrong ways to use social media when you’re trying to project an image of a professional environment that will attract modern workers with modern attitudes about work and which work environments are most positive.

Some of the tools you might use to show the world what life is like as an employee in your organization include videos, photographs, and tweets about events, awards, etc. that are happening for your employees. Things like company picnics, family days at the office, bring your pet to work day, birthday parties, awards ceremonies, etc. are ideal photo and video opportunities to show just how well you treat the people who make your business the success it is.