Finding a job is difficult. That is something that has not changed. What has changed is the number of ways you can now find jobs. Consider the mobile app, for example. There are now numerous job apps available that you can access from your smartphone. That means that the next time you playing Angry Birds, you could be looking for a new job.

Top Mobile Job Apps – You Should Be Using These

Mobile job apps can help you to get your resume in faster. They can alert you to a new posting or help give you ideas of where to send your cover letter. If you are not using your phone to find jobs, consider using the following top rated mobile job apps.

  •’s Mobile Monster – This app is simple to use and highly effective for anyone with an account on You can use it to search for jobs or manage your resumes. You can also use it to fill out job applications no matter where you are with this app on your iPhone or iPad.


  • LinkedIn’s Mobile App – LinkedIn is a popular professional network. It has an excellent app that works on most smartphones. With this application, you can create a profile that allows you to have a virtual resume online. This allows you to connect with others easily and from anywhere. You can do virtually anything on the mobile app you could do on the site directly.


  • Bump – This application works on most smartphones. It is a unique product and worth checking out. What makes it fun to use is that it allows you to network anywhere. Simply bump your phone against another person’s with the same app to exchange phone numbers and contact information. It’s safe to use, too.


  • TweetMyJobs – Use this on any phone with text messaging. You can use your current social network connections to help you to find jobs. It allows you to connect with others easily through the networks you already have in place. Hiring managers also benefit from using it since they can let others know they are hiring.


  • ResumeBear – As its name implies, this tool is one of the most effective for managing your resume. You can track and send your resume using this app. It works on iPad, iPhone and Droid devices. A nice feature about this particular app is that once you send your resume to a potential employer, it will track it and alert you through a text message when the resume was read.


With these mobile apps, you can begin to market yourself just about anywhere. Applicants today are more social than ever, but doing it on the go is also getting easier. You still need to be aware and that means participating in social networks. Keep up with these apps and you may find you are applying to jobs more readily. For more support with your job search, be sure to sign up with Davis Staffing today!