As your company puts another year behind it and gears up for the New Year ahead, it’s time for making some updates to the technology you use in your business. By focusing on technology that can make your company more efficient and productive, you’ll be one-step ahead of your competitors. Here is a review of the top business technology to make part of your 2012 business resolutions.

  • Amp up security. Every year heralds a brand new set of Internet viruses, hackers and more. Make sure your business is ready to face 2012 with an updated set of anti-virus software, firewalls, and secure servers to protect your most important business data. Consider the advantages of upgrading your windows or mac OS to something that includes the latest in security patches.
  • Choose mobile apps. Businesses today are learning how to customize user experiences with special mobile applications that allow for personalization and movement between mobile devices. Add your company logo to give your customers something unique that’s branded to your business. Use mobile applications to share information, create more connections and increase business productivity in a big way this year.
  • Create a backup system. When is the last time you have backed up important files and information for your business? If you are like many business professionals, you have this automated by your computers. However, if you forget how and where this data is stored, and your system crashes, what good does it do you? Choose a cloud-computing model to back up and store data off of your hardware, that way you have it anywhere there is an Internet connection.
  • Encourage collaboration. This year’s game plan is communication that is more efficient and collaboration on projects to improve teamwork. Use technology like mobile devices, over the internet video conferencing, smart boards, and voice applications to make this happen. You will be surprised at how just a simple document sharing and collaboration system can improve teamwork and productivity in just one meeting.
  • Update your website. No company would be complete without its corporate website, but the only way you will project the right image is by making sure yours is up to date and functioning well. The end user experience is critical to business success, because this is how potential customers first do their research for you. Give your website a makeover if it’s been more than 2 years since it was last updated.

Want more tips for improving your business in 2012? How about adding some new quality staff to your roster? Get in touch with Davis Staffing for more great ideas on increasing business productivity and efficiency, through technology and a better-managed workforce.