Ready to tackle that next job interview with style? Getting the chance to interview at a dream company you’ve been trying to get on with can be an exciting time, and it can be incredibly intimidating. It’s time to join the ranks of your peers by putting your best foot forward and impressing the hiring manager. But before you get over-confident, let’s go over some of the basic “must-dos” for a successful job interview.

#1 – Do Your Homework

Before you show up for the interview, make sure you spend plenty of time doing your own research and inquiring as to the company you could possibly be working for soon. Review the corporate website thoroughly, noting the culture, the leadership, the clients, offerings and objectives. Read the company mission statement. Learn what the company has been up to through press releases and how well its financial status is performing. If the company has a social media presence, be sure to look things over there.

#2 – Prepare for Questions

As a candidate, you can bet you will be asked some tough questions during the interview. Make sure you are prepared by writing down a list of potential points to cover, both positive and negative aspects of the work you could be doing. There are ways to get this information. First, you can work with your contract recruiter at Davis Staffing to get prepped on what the company usually asks candidates. Then you can also do a search online for additional questions you may be asked. Practice answering these questions with a friend or in front of a mirror so you can be confident on the big day.

#3 – Dress the Part

The most important part of the interview begins from the moment you walk in the building – how you look says everything. Take the time to dress professionally and appropriately for the company and the assignment. Show up clean, shaven, and with flattering clothes, hosiery and shoes that fit well and are comfortable. Bring your resume and any portfolio items in a smart business file or case.

#4 – Sell Yourself

The point of the interview is to convince the hiring manager that you are superior among all the candidates who may be vying for the same job. This means you have to use sales techniques to bring out the best in your skills, your experiences, and your ability to fit in well with the corporate culture. Extend your hand to everyone, smile warmly, and use good eye contact and reflective listening skills to impress the interviewer.

Now that you know what the 4 most important things are that you must do in an upcoming interview, it’s time to get in touch with Davis Staffing and talk with a recruiter about contract job opportunities. You can get a head start on your job search and get more interviews by working with us, and you may get a great opportunity simply by taking a contract assignment first.