I would like to express my pleasant surprise in dealing with Davis Staffing.  I have been in Human Resources for over 20 years and not much surprises me with staffing agencies. Most staffing agencies do a fair to good job, but Davis does an excellent job.

I value customer service from my staffing agencies. Davis Staffing has the best customer service/communication skills I have seen in a long time. Once they have job order, they make sure they fully understand what I am looking for, so that information is communicated to their in-house recruiters. They stayed on top of each open job order and would let me know what the status was for each order. Once a candidate was identified and interviewed by the hiring manager, Davis would follow up to see how the candidate fared with the hiring manager.

We have given Davis Staffing a number of our open positions to fill, which were all filled on a timely basis. They found outstanding candidates for each of our positions.  All candidates are now full time employees and are excellent workers.

It is a true pleasure working with Davis Staffing and I look forward to continuing our business relationship.