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Standing out to an employer requires more than an interesting resume. When you get the call for a job interview, you can get excited about conquering the first obstacle. However, the most important aspect of hiring to most managers is the interview. Whether you’re invited for a phone screen or a panel interview, confidence can set you apart. Davis Staffing is here to share why confidence is essential to perform in an interview and get the job you’re looking for.

Helps Eliminate Anxiety

Fake it ‘til you make it – even if you’re not feeling confident, pushing yourself to portray confidence can limit stress and fear. If you’re worried about your interview, you can overcome this anxiety by practicing some positive “self-talk.” Get yourself in the zone by reviewing your talking points and listening to your favorite songs. You don’t want to freeze up on the spot, so take the time to get energized!

Effective Communication

If you aren’t projecting confidence, your overall message will suffer. Any nervous fidgeting and movement, soft speaking, or mumbling can really hurt your first impression. Project your voice and provide clarity so that you can be clearly understood. Confident communication eliminates the risk of missing an important question or not providing pertinent information.

Shows Drive

Confidence allows you to prove motivation and ambition during a short interview. A potential employer only has an hour or less to assess your fit for the position, and one way to impress is to stand up for yourself. Qualified candidates prepare thoroughly for an interview, so you should show your dedication by doing your research before the interview. Don’t shy away from the tough questions. Have an answer prepared for these, and face them head-on!

Improve Your Interviews

Looking for more interview tips? Davis Staffing has you covered. Our experts can help improve your interview etiquette and land the position you’ve been seeking. Check out our website today to learn more.