rethink resume


The resume is tried and true – but is it the best method of assessment? You’ve likely interviewed plenty of candidates, screened dozens of resumes, and you’re used to the traditional resume > interview > offer pipeline. But what if there’s a more effective way? We’re here to get you thinking about your traditional hiring process and see if you can’t improve it for better results. Here’s how you can assess an applicant other than a quick skim of their resume.

Screening Calls

While many employers like to see a resume before a pre-screening call, you may find you get what you need over the phone. Your process shouldn’t have to be a struggle, and one way to quickly know whether or not a candidate will succeed in a role is to talk to them.

Skills Testing

If you want to get a good analysis of your candidate, a skills test may tell you what you need to do. Try an aptitude analysis like Criteria or the Wonderlic Test. An exam that measures critical thinking and problem-solving may give you better outcomes than a quick resume review. If you’re tired of turnover, a skills test can weed out those candidates that won’t cut.

Skip to the Interview

Candidates applying through LinkedIn or other job websites have likely already provided a list of prior experience and current skills. Do you really need to see a resume with all of the same information? Think about what a resume might tell you that a job application would not. If you’re still working through hiring websites requesting input of job history as well as an uploaded resume, you’re wasting everyone’s time.

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