Employee Retention Strategies


Having quality workers who know how to do the job effectively can often be a luxury, especially if you don’t have a retention plan in place. Follow these retention strategies! 

Adequate Compensation 

Let’s be real: there’s one main reason we all get out of bed in the morning and head to work. Whether you’re in a corner office, in a cubicle, or out on the job wherever you may be, you’re working for your money. And if an employee feels undervalued, likely, they won’t stay on the team for long. To retain your best workers, it’s essential to compensate them fairly. Offering a competitive salary plus benefits from the outset of the hiring process will help you limit employee attrition. 


To make sure you’re hiring for fit and encouraging supportive company culture, try implementing a referral program. Research shows that referral programs can reduce your cost to hire new workers and help you retain staff longer. If an existing high-quality worker brings in a family member via a referral program, family members will likely stay on, and so will your original worker. People want to work around others they respect and trust, so finding referral candidates can help you retain your workers for the long haul. 

Positive Company Culture 

One way to be sure you’re supporting your workers is to make them feel valued. Some managers shy away from the softer side of things, but do not under-appreciate the importance of a happy, productive team. The more you do to boost the morale of your workers, the more likely you’ll see the benefits of your efforts. Small things, like Donut Day and weekly shoutouts, can inspire. Bigger things, like employee appreciation events and regularly scheduled happy hours, can unify your employees and help them build trust and confidence in their roles. 

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