benefits you should consider


You finally get that call – you got the job! Your interview went well, and you can consider taking the position. However, there are multiple things to consider. When you get a job offer, you might not consider other factors besides salary at first – but these are the things you should also consider negotiating before taking the position. 

Vacation Days 

Salary isn’t the only thing that’s valuable to employees, and there are other ways you can negotiate with a potential employer to create a comfortable hiring package for yourself. Think about the things that matter most to you, and contemplate how you would like that to be interwoven with your non-work life. For example, if you are a traveler, you will want to know how many vacation days you can take. Requesting more time off may be a great way to improve your offer if the potential employer can’t budge on salary. 

Remote Work Options 

Explore the possibility of working from home! A Condeco Software study showed that 41% of employers surveyed already offer some degree of remote work. It doesn’t work for everyone, but sometimes even just one day out of the office can boost morale and allow you some much-needed flexibility. If you can negotiate some work from home days, your future self may thank you! 

Flexible Scheduling 

Ask your potential supervisor about how schedules are structured. Many workers enjoy switching things up and breaking away from the traditional 9-5. Ask if there are opportunities to work “four tens”: a four day week with ten-hour days. “A case of the Mondays” could be a thing of the past if you’re starting work on Tuesdays! Additionally, you can ask about shifts – maybe you can opt for an earlier or later shift depending on your lifestyle.  

Are You Prepared for Your Next Job Offer?

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