Listening and leadership


Listening is essential when it comes to leadership, but might often be overlooked. For Davis Staffing’s leadership series, it’s time to wrap up with the third and final important aspect of leadership: listening. This is the importance of listening as a leader and how you can do better. 

Active Listening 

To assert yourself as a master manager, you’ll need to employ some top tier listening skills. Immerse yourself in your company culture, and in appreciating the day-to-day experience of your workers. This will help you connect and develop stronger connections with your staff. You can practice active listening with your employees by making them feel genuinely heard. You can do so by: 

  • Scheduling private one-on-one conversations 
  • Nodding and smiling, physically leaning into a conversation 
  • Rephrasing what you hear to affirm you’re hearing and understanding 

Creating Spaces for Conversation 

Having a location in your office where your employees can feel they can safely have a conversation is crucial to creating a team with high morale. Whether it’s the breakroom, the conference room, or a special space just for employees, make sure you are allowing workers to be heard.  

Recruiting Team Players 

The best way to prove your leadership is to hire the right people. If you listen to your workers, they may have ideas on who to bring into the team. When you’re adding new workers to the mix, you have to be aware that this may cause friction with your existing staff. If you listen and bring your employees into the recruiting process, you’ll have less interpersonal conflict in the workplace. 

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