New job not what you expected


Sometimes you start a new job, and it is nothing that you expected it would be. You can feel like this for a number of reasons: perhaps you imagine you’re in too deep, or you feel the job isn’t what you signed up for. Perhaps you’ve walked into a toxic work environment, or the leadership is inadequate to help you succeed. Before fleeing immediately, consider these options first. 


The majority of new job jitters dissipate as you grow more confident in your role with the organization. If you’ve gotten off to a rocky start, try holding out a bit longer. Show some patience, especially if you are new to the industry or new to the workplace in general. You may find that responsibilities shift, personalities begin to meld, and you finally start finding your fit among your peers. 

Confront the Issues 

Often if you’re immediately unhappy with a new role, you know the reason why. If you’re not getting along with coworkers, sit down with them. If your supervisor has unreasonable expectations, request a private meeting. Leaving work to complain about isn’t productive. If you can make a change, make it – even if it takes a little bravery.  

BUT – Trust Your Gut 

Are there ways you can prevent signing up for the wrong job in the future? Think about your interview experience, meeting your supervisor. Did the hiring manager ask questions that seemed irrelevant or even suspicious? Was your boss peppy and outgoing, but there was a noticeable dark cloud over the staff members? Next time, keep your eye out for the small red flags that may indicate this job is not worth taking. 

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