Do You Have a Referral Program


Are you a manager looking for recruits, but you feel like you can’t find the time? We’ve got an idea for you. Sometimes it pays to work smart, not hard. If you want a new way to bring in quality candidates that come highly recommended, look to your team for insight. Today we’re going over the ways that having a referral program can be your best recruiting tool.  

It Encourages Engagement 

Employee referrals for new hires cost you nothing. You can only benefit from using your employee’s suggestions to field new applicants. Using existing employees to recommend recruits can help your current team stay focused and invested in the success of the organization. It can mean you’re bringing in new workers that stay engaged. 

It Raises The Bar 

When you field recommendations for applicants from your crew, you may find your hiring quality improves. As current workers recommend a friend or family member to a position, it’s typically someone dependable they can trust to be successful in that role. Your referral program will not only get great new faces in the door, but it will also keep them there – highly recommended workers from current staff members are easier to retain as well. 

It Empowers Your Workers 

A referral program not only brings in fresh recruits, but it also gives power to your team. A referral program empowers your workers and gives them confidence in their team. If they can offer input, they’ll see that you trust their judgment. When employees have a say in who they spend their day with, it can boost morale. If you are trying to recruit new staff and engage your existing team members, a referral program is your best option. 

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