When You Should be Looking for a New Job


Sometimes the minutes, hours, and days seem to disappear quickly. You get comfortable in a job, blink, and suddenly five years have gone by. At any point in a worker’s career, they may be wondering if the timing is right to move on and explore new opportunities. Timing is a factor that is undeniable when it comes to looking for a job. Here’s when the best time to start your job search at different stages in your career. 

Entry-Level Workers 

The best time for a fresh professional to gain experience isn’t just directly out of college – it’s during. If you’re enrolled at a university, take advantage of your resources and try to find work experience or an internship opportunity. Early on you want to gain relevant work experience and skills, even if it has to be in an unpaid capacity. You’ll learn throughout your lifetime that the best time to get a new job is when you already have one. It can be extremely difficult to obtain a new position if you’re not gainfully employed.  

Mid-Level Talent 

When you’re honing your skills in your industry, you may be conflicted about when the right time is to transition onward into a new position. Heading into 2020, it’s clear that workers no longer need to spend ten years in one role to prove their merit. In fact, a decade stagnant in one role can be detrimental to your resume. You need to constantly be thinking about branding yourself and personal growth. This is the time to start mapping out your career path and planning for your future. 

Your Big Move 

Looking for a managerial step up or even a C-level gig? You need to plan ahead. Your timing needs to be perfect if you want to make major waves and prove yourself as a top worker. Demand for top-level managers can be high, but you’ll have to prove you are worth it. The best way to be ready is to train yourself. Search postings for jobs that appeal to you that you may be ready for in three years, and review the requirements. Brainstorm: if you don’t have these skills, make a plan to build them so you can become the ideal candidate. 

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