Resume Tips To Set You Up for Success


When you provide numbers & facts, it provides a certain level of proof on your resume. A data-driven resume stands out among the rest. Most job candidates use action words to describe their duties and spend paragraphs rambling about their achievements. If you want to cut through the noise and stand out, you need numbers. Here’s how a data-driven resume can help you succeed. 

Numbers Solidify 

Job seekers can send out many copies of their resume, but they often go overlooked. Hiring managers know that a substantial amount of applicants will inflate their responsibilities and overstate their level of impact in a given role. That’s why you need to include figures within the text of your resume. Anyone can claim they boosted company sales, but you need to show it. If you’re currently employed and looking for a new job, obtain data while you’re still at that organization. Write down numbers that show your performance so you can use them as tools to help you stand out as a job seeker. 

Number Impress 

Bragging about your accomplishments becomes much more powerful when you can measure them. “Worked with multiple clients” is not nearly as strong as “Pioneered new client relationships and supervised connections with 40 different customers.” Using a specific number gives the resume-reviewer an obvious expectation of what you can manage. 

Numbers Attract 

In some industries, you can use numbers to prove you’re the right hire because you can bring in what the company lacks. For example, if you’re in tech and can drive website traffic. Or if you’re in sales and you can bring new clients to the table. It’s easy for someone to write on their resume that they are friendly and outgoing, but you can be the candidate that backs it up with proof. Use figures to show a potential employer that you can bring one million new views to your website or that you generated $20,000 additional dollars in revenue for your organization.  

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