Temporary staff members can be so vital: whether you’re short-staffed for the summer or you need skilled trades for a massive project, temporary workers can rescue you in a crisis. They can also be great for a trial run – if you’re not sure how an employee will perform, give them a contract role to test their capabilities.

However, workers that don’t feel like they are a part of the group will have trouble thriving. Attitude is everything when it comes to leading a successful team. When you’re recruiting temporary staff, it’s essential to incorporate them as well. As a manager juggling many responsibilities, it can be easy to lose focus on team harmony. Here are some of our recommended methods to help integrate your temporary team into the fold.

Keep Them Motivated

You expect your temporary staff members to perform at their peak just like your long-term staff. This means they should be treated with the same respect and inclusion. It’s easy to think: “They won’t be here in three months, so they don’t need to attend this meeting.” Reverse your mindset and frame it in a different way: how can I make my temporary staff feel included? Sometimes the answer might surprise you. Sometimes workers are actually seeking out additional responsibilities to help contribute, so embrace it!

Develop Team Spirit

One way to help your temporary staff members feel the sense of community is to focus on the entire team. When you make company culture a priority for everyone, you can improve the office environment for the temporary staff as well. Ask your employees what they’d like to see to help them develop connections and network within the organization. Whether it’s a monthly event or regular fun team-building activities that take place on site, you’ll create a sense of togetherness that will fuel productivity in the workplace.

Take It To The Next Level

If you truly want to incorporate your temporary staff into the group, make the switch! Sit down with your executives and take a look at the cost of employing temporary staff versus permanent hires. It’s extremely likely that your company would benefit from turning a temporary hire into a permanent team member. Typically, temp or contract hires are brought in as a quick fix and their status is not revisited. Treat a temporary staff member well, and they may be interested in filling out your team for the long haul.

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