Job searching can come with some unwelcome surprises for the job seekers that contact you. Resume updates, fresh cover letters, and setting up interviews can be time-consuming and frustrating. Even worse, most of those carefully customized cover letters probably end up in the trash. Managers spend hours, days, even weeks assessing the right workers for a job. You know there has to be a better way to get through this process. We’ll show you just a few reasons you should work with a top Chicago staffing firm like Davis Staffing.

Expedite Your Search

Fast contact is one of the great aspects of working with a staffing agency. You’ll see a massive boost in speed to land your job when working with a temporary staffing firm for a few reasons. First, priorities are more focused on both ends. When a company works with a staffing agency, they are seeking qualified candidates fast and are motivated to fill positions. Likewise, a temp staffing company holds a contract with your organization, so it’s in their best interested to keep the process moving as well. Additionally, hiring managers that use this expert service receive a one-stop shop with a staffing agency where you can skip skimming resumes and creating interview questions. This means you get talent in the door faster to hit the ground running.

Temporary to Permanent

In the temporary staffing industry, it’s actually quite common to find a temporary role that extends into a permanent position. This can be a great opportunity for a candidate to test their skills in a new industry, or to get into a job faster. Some industries have notoriously slow hiring times for permanent positions, but staffing firms always move quickly. The same job listed through traditional methods may take three months to fill, but typically a staffing agency places candidates within weeks. This provides a special expedited opportunity for temp staffing candidates, so utilize this avenue when you are able.

Find New Leaders

Some skills take time to build, but if you want to enlist talented workers that have tons of potential, a staffing agency can be a great fit. Temp staffing candidates tend to be workers looking for their next big opportunity. Although they may not have a ton of specialized skill in the area you require, they sign up to learn. This kind of initiative should be a hint to greater career goals. Bring in our highly-vetted temp staffers and ask if they’re interested in staying on long-term. Investing in new talent helps you cultivate leaders committed to your organization’s mission — a huge bonus.

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