Finding great candidates in the greater Chicago area can be tough. Most of the best workers already have jobs. If you find yourself short-handed during any part of the year, especially your busy season, it can be almost impossible to keep up. Industrial and manufacturing staffing can be informal, but if you’re aiming to hire top level talent, you’ll want to conduct professional interviews to assess talent and fit. We’re here to advise you on the top five red flags to be aware of when interviewing potential hires.

1.    Unprepared

There are a few different ways a candidate can be unprepared, and every one of those can indicate they’re not up for the job. Your job as a manager is to ensure you maintain a high standard throughout the recruitment process. To find workers that are right for the demands of your industry, watch out for these warning signs that indicate an unprepared job candidate:

  • Late arrival or missing materials
  • Messy appearance, unbrushed hair
  • Inappropriate interview attire
  • Inadequate answers to interview questions
  • Limited knowledge of the job or your company

2. Uncertain Job History

Job-hopping is more common these days with millennials exploring opportunities and existing industry professionals expanding their skills. However, one candidate red flag can be an uncertain job history. Gaps in employment or more than four positions in a year can be an indication that a candidate is an unreliable candidate or even an unsuitable worker. If you’re scanning a resume with this red flag, you’ll definitely want to address it either before or during the interview.

3. Undescriptive

During a job interview, your role is to analyze whether or not your candidate can do the job. Most experts pose situational questions to their candidates to assess their preparation. If you get lackluster answers or undescriptive comments when you ask scenario-based questions, this potential worker might not cut it on your team.

4. Short Term Mentality

Overqualified isn’t always a bad thing, but it can give you some insight into the candidate’s motivations. During a job interview, if the candidate seems detached or they have more skill than the role require, it’s possible that they’d be a poor fit. This can be a sign that a potential staff member sees your position as only a stepping stone in their career path, and you can’t count on them to commit to your company long-term.

5. Bad Attitude

One of the biggest red flags we notice in interviews is a candidate with a poor perspective. In the industrial or manufacturing industry, it’s likely that you want to hire a team player, someone that can communicate effectively and maintain a positive attitude. If you’re picking up on bad vibes in the interview, trust your instincts. During the interview, if you’re noticing a candidate is reluctant, immediately making demands, or complaining about previous co-workers or supervisors; these can all be signals that your candidate is not qualified for the job.

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