When you hire someone, you want a professional who can handle the job at a technical level. But don’t forget to look for soft skills as well. Soft skills are the personal characteristics that enable a person to work effectively with others and efficiently complete their job duties. Soft skills make leadership and teamwork possible by allowing workers to team up harmoniously toward a common goal. This post will detail how soft skills are important when interviewing, and which soft skills you need to look for in your recruits. 


Communication is key throughout the employee marketplace, but how can you identify if a candidate is proficient in communication? As a manager, you know how critical effective communication is. A breakdown or miscommunication can completely disrupt your company’s productivity. You want to hire talent that can explain ideas effectively, but also craft thoughtful emails and demonstrate a friendly and helpful voice over the phone. One additional aspect of communication that hiring managers should seek? The ability to anticipate needs. If someone finishes your sentences, that’s not always a bad thing. It can be the hallmark of an insightful employee.

Time Management

You’ve got meetings to take, emails to send, voicemails to follow up on, and a massive to-do list. What you really need is a team that is built for you to delegate. The more you can delegate responsibility to others, the more you can focus on the most important tasks. It’s also essential to delegate wisely. Take some time to assess the strengths of your employees and pair them with appropriate projects. Don’t assign your big-picture thinker to the creation of your hour-by-hour itinerary. Instead, let them organize a groupthink session. If you’re able to give undivided attention to your essential duties, you’ll see improved results. Additionally, the more your team can help you maximize your time, the more you can take on new projects which benefits your bottom line.


There’s a reason so many interviews consist of scenario-based questions. The best job candidates are terrific problem solvers. There’s nothing wrong with not knowing the answer, but you need to hire someone that’s resourceful enough to track down those answers. During an interview, ask your applicants about times they’ve devised solutions in a tight spot, and listen to hear their innovative ideas. It also helps to propose those scenario-based questions to see how the candidate thinks quickly.  

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