As a supervisor, it’s essential to use all the tools in your belt. Being firm and commanding is relevant, but flexibility is also necessary. Growing as a leader means trying new strategies and being open to every available resource. It’s advantageous for you as well as for the team you’re leading. Agile leadership is the wave of the future, and you’ll need to employ this tool if you want to succeed as a manager.

What Is Agile Leadership?

First, let’s talk about what this term means. Agile Leadership means that you are constantly improving your leadership abilities, and willing to grow and develop your managerial techniques. Agile leaders are driving and promote change, brought through an open exchange of ideas and information. Most importantly, agile leaders are masters of adaptation. If something goes wrong, some leaders panic. Agile leaders flex their plan and proceed confidently. Think of agile leadership as the next level – you create a detailed plan, but you’re not afraid to stray from it when necessary.

Why Is Agile Leadership Important?

Managers need to be agile because your master plan may not account for life’s little mistakes. You can’t anticipate everything that comes up. Leaders are responsible for creating a solid plan, but agile leaders expect the unexpected. Being able to adapt on the fly will help you perform better in any situation. If you’re in an industry where you have to tackle new challenges or ambiguous situations, agile leadership is the only way to maintain control of the situation. One way we see agile leadership implemented is through the adoption of new technology. An agile leader recognizes innovation and employs it to their advantage immediately. Agile leadership is also present in management style. Encouraging creativity in your staff is one way to activate this. Give your workers more freedom and you’ll see their problem-solving abilities expand.

How Can It Work for My Staff?

Using agile leadership in practice can be challenging at first, but it’s worth the effort. Reverse your thinking and embrace change as it occurs. If you take in input from multiple perspectives, you’ll see the biggest benefits of agile leadership. For example, if there’s an issue with your process, call in someone from each part of the team. Many voices in the room can help you see a new angle and act fast when it comes to conquering obstacles on the job. Agile leaders take risks, which is most effective when you have a supportive team to back you up.

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