If you’re a professional in Chicago looking for a great position, you’re not alone. Many skilled laborers are seeking a job as a CNC Machinist. The question is, do you have what it takes? In an industry full of potential like industrial production, you’ll need to be on top of your game to prove you’re an ideal candidate. A proven track record of technical experience, problem-solving and intellectual skills and workplace safety savvy will be required. Davis Staffing is here to tell you what will set you apart from the competition if you’re seeking a job as a CNC Machinist.

The Basics:

First, let’s break things down. Jobs that work with CNC (Computer Numeric Controlled) machinery can range from entry-level positions to expert management careers. These professionals can expect to work with heavy machinery from start to finish as parts are created and produced. CNC machines are for precision work, so you’ll need to be in control of the machine’s speed, ensure they are well-stocked, and make any other changes necessary. You may hear terms like CNC Machinist, CNC Operator, or CNC Programmer. We’re here to help you find the differences:

  • CNC Operator: This is an entry-level position designed for newcomers with skilled labor potential. Their primary responsibility is to follow operating instructions and make minor adjustments.
  • CNC Machinist: This role is one for an experienced and skilled individual. A CNC Machinist is tasked with the management of CNC Operators, overseeing production, and even quality control.
  • CNC Programmer: This position is for a master of production expertise, coupled with expert-level coding skills. They make the computing skills behind CNC machinery possible and can earn a hefty salary.

What Qualifications Do I Need?

CNC Machinists will have to obtain vocational training from apprenticeships, community colleges, or technical institutions. Generally a professional will require four to five years of training in the industry to be eligible for a CNC Machinist position. This expertise can include on-the-job training, but candidates will have an edge on the competition if they can earn a certification for CNC work. This job also requires a large amount of demonstrated talent when it comes to mathematical and computer skills.

What Can I Expect to Make?

Payscale indicates that the average CNC Machinist in Chicago makes approximately $18.20 per hour. However, our research shows that the salary can range anywhere between $35,00 to $52,000, depending on your expertise and market demand in Chicago. The job growth rate in Chicago for a CNC Machinist is about average compared to other professions, but many companies are looking to fill this position in 2017 to meet the needs of production.

What Makes a Great CNC Machinist Stand Out?

Many companies cite the importance of cooperation and leadership as they seek employees to fill this position. Preferred qualifications will include experience managing a team. As a CNC Machinist, you might oversee a team of CNC Operators to ensure productivity. You’ll have a leg up over other applicants if you have experience working with a variety of materials and a multitude of equipment, so equip yourself with a diverse training portfolio. Additionally, you’ll want to show your intellectual prowess. Prove your merit with mathematics, computer skills, and problem-solving abilities to be able to quickly assess the needs of your company and your team.

If you’ve honed your skills and prepared the perfect resume to impress potential employers, you’re ready. We’re here to help you find the right CNC Machinist position for you today. Use the best resources available, such as a capable staffing agency. Contact Davis Staffing today to work with a top staffing agency in Chicago!