When you are looking to lead your team through a successful project or just trying to encourage a more unified front, it can be difficult to know how to encourage your people best. Sometimes you might be working through a tough quarter, or maybe you have a less-than enthusiastic crew to work with. Read ahead for the four top tips to help your employees concentrate and bring out their A-game!

One: Listen and Give Feedback

Listen to what your people have to say, especially in high-pressure situations. Motivating your team starts with appreciating them. Employees that don’t get recognized won’t feel satisfied in their work. If they’re doing great work, commend them. If there is room for improvement, point it out in a thoughtful way. Talk to your employees one on one to avoid an overwhelming or embarrassing situation.

Two: Communication is Key

Communication benefits everyone on the team. You’ll be more in the know and your team will be more efficient if everyone is transparent. Not only is communication key between you and your team; it’s also essential that they are in touch with each other. Whether it’s different shifts or different specialties, everyone needs to be on the same page. You never know who might have insight on how best to complete a task- a team that’s in sync will get the job done better and faster.

Three: Treat Everyone Fairly

Know that your team is counting on you to support them fairly. Preferential treatment will always be exposed, so stay professional. Also don’t forget to treat everyone fairly, and be considerate. To motivate your team, do your best to build morale and create a comfortable environment by staying friendly and polite to every single member of your team. Show all of your people that they are an essential asset to the team and they’ll work harder. Happy workers stay longer, which means less turnover, enabling you to cultivate a trustworthy and hardworking crew that sticks with it.

Four: Encourage the Meaning Behind the Work

When your team gets stuck, remind them that this isn’t busy work. Help them focus, and if they just aren’t getting it, explain how their task helps the company. By getting a better idea of the bigger picture and how they are helping contribute. Pushing them to find reason in their duties will help them to be a better team member and inspire them to do their best work on the project.

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