Often when you’re interviewing candidates for a position, it can be difficult to tell which worker will be the best fit. From reviewing resumes to sending out an offer, the process can be difficult to manage. How do you know who is going to work smart and be a valuable asset to your company all within the span of an hour-long interview? Be wary of potential danger. Read on for serious warning signs to look out for when interviewing new talent.

They are late

If the interviewee arrives late, you should already be on high alert. Any good candidate will be punctual, if not fifteen minutes early. You’ve designated a specific time and place to meet, there’s hardly a good excuse for them to not make it. You’ve dedicated that time to them, and if they are already ready to disrespect that, you need to consider if they’re serious about the job.

They have bad body language

If you notice slouching, fidgeting, or other behaviors indicating disinterest, you might be dealing with somebody who isn’t worth your time. If they are visibly uninterested or unprofessional, imagine how they’ll be on a day-to-day basis. You want your employees to reflect the high standards your company sets, and you need assets that are professional and presentable.

They are unprepared

If they don’t know anything about your company, they haven’t done the research and don’t know what they’re getting into: you can do better. Imagine if you had to present them to a supervisor or an important client: would this candidate be impressive, or a mess? You want someone on top of their game, ready for an interview. This displays a readiness for a day in the office, as well as big presentations or impressing potential VIPs.

They complain about co-workers and other managers

Too much backtalk regarding a past supervisor or colleague may just be residual stress from a bad employment situation, but it also could indicate a bad attitude. Continuous complaining may mean a serious lack of respect. You want your potential new hire to have an amicable nature, and if the interviewee is already getting off on the wrong foot with people, there could be trouble ahead.

It’s possible that these red flags can come with genuine explanations, so one behavior on its own might not automatically eliminate a candidate. However, keep an eye out for these negative indicators. Identify your company’s culture and focus on finding a person that fits, especially when you’re staring at a stack of resumes. Know who you’re looking for, rather than what.

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