chicago-temp-staffingAlong with social networks, mobile recruiting has grown to become highly effective for finding quality candidates. This is because more candidates are using mobile apps to search for career opportunities than ever before. LinkedIn published the findings of an extensive user behavior study that revealed 72 percent of professionals have used a mobile app to find career listings, and nearly half felt comfortable submitting their resume using the mobile app.

With millions of job seekers searching for careers on-the-go, it’s a good idea to get involved with mobile recruiting to capture the attention of this talent.

How can you hire faster and better using mobile recruiting? Here are some tips you can try.

Advertise or share content across social media platforms.

Use social media management tools to distribute your job leads, company updates, and more on all your social networks. This gets the message out to more people and so wherever they happen to be, they will learn of your career opportunities, job fairs, and recruitment news. Keep track of which social media outlets are best for your company and what brings the top results. When you do find the types of posts that work best, continue to use those posts.

Set up a system where you can reach job candidates through texting.

When using mobile recruiting, remember that the quickest way to get information out about job postings and other career updates is via SMS text messaging. Give employees a chance to opt in when they register for work with your company. Include unique links to apply to the specific job within the text. Sharing job leads happens automatically, which frees up time for other recruitment efforts. When you have fill a job order quickly, this technology can be a great way to reach candidates and get answers fast.

Use opt-in messaging to obtain the email addresses of potential candidates.

Along with the standard opt in during candidate registrations, send new candidates a targeted text asking them if they’d like to receive job postings via email. This can be a simple opt-in form on the website, or you can send a message to all new candidates. Some people prefer to receive all business communication through email, so texting alerts might not be for them. Acquiring more email addresses will also give you a chance to add more contacts to your distribution list for your monthly newsletter.

Share the corporate culture on branded mobile apps.

When selecting the right recruiting mobile apps, consider those that have branding possibilities so candidates can learn more about your company. Branded apps give candidates the full experience, and it helps them to remember you when they return to follow up on applications. A branded app can also be an effective way to market your company to all candidates. Anything you can do to keep your branding consistent will portray a great image of your company and give the right impression to anyone who interacts with your company.

By following the above tips, you can effectively use mobile recruitment to get in front of the right candidates. Remember to assign someone to monitor and administer the program so that it can be consistently bringing in new leads.

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