What to Bring to the Job InterviewGetting the interview is just the first step in landing the job. By preparing for the questions you may be asked and bringing these important things, you can increase your chances of impressing the interviewer and getting the offer.

Copies of your resume. Even though pretty much everything is done by computer these days, hiring managers often still want to see a hard copy at the interview. Bring a few in case there is more than one interviewer. Also bring a list of past employment dates, supervisors, and education in case you are asked to fill out a job application.

Notebook and pen. You may not need to take any notes and the interviewer may be happy to supply you with a pen, but it’s better to be prepared just in case. You can write down contact information so that you can send thank you notes after the interview.

Simple bag or padfolio. You’ll want to keep your resumes clean and flat, and you may need a place to store any other paper or items the interviewer may provide. But don’t carry both a briefcase and a purse. You’ll look disorganized.

Shoes you can walk in. If your interviewer wants to take you on a tour of the building or if there is a long walk to the interview room, you don’t want to hobble along in heels or limp in dress shoes that pinch. If you buy new shoes for the interview, take them for a test drive well in advance.

Questions for the interviewer. A job interview is a two-way conversation. The interviewer is assessing you for employment, but you also need to find out if you are interested in working there. Some typical questions you may ask include asking why the position is vacant and what would make someone successful in the role. Don’t ask, “Hey what do you guys do here?” You should have done plenty of research ahead of time that would answer that question.

Current references. You may not be asked for them, but bring a list of at least three professional references just in case. Be sure to include their contact information.

Identification. You may not need ID until the employer makes an offer, but it doesn’t hurt to have it handy. Typically, employers like to see a driver’s license and social security card.

Lastly, check your notes or email for anything the interviewer asked you to bring. Going into your interview well-prepared will impress the employer and give you a boost of confidence. Be sure to read through the many helpful career articles for job seekers here at Davis Staffing, a leading Chicago IL Temp Agency. Contact us today. We’re here to help you!