An in-person job interview can be one of the most stressful events in a person’s career. The candidate’s performance will mean the difference between a job offer and continuing to search for a new job. Preparing for a job interview is important because candidates must know about the company, have answers prepared and know what to expect from the interviewer. Check out these tips on how to prepare for a job interview:

Know Your Resume Well

A terrible mistake to make when on a job interview is not knowing your resume. If you wrote your resume years ago and failed to update it, you had better review the document so you remember what is on there. Even if you wrote a brand new resume for the job, make sure you know everything that is on it so there are no surprises. A hiring manager will ask questions about the resume’s information and expects you to go more in-depth to explain the content.

Plan an Appropriate Outfit

Make sure you plan an appropriate outfit for your job interview. If you wait until the night before, it is likely that you will not have a clean shirt or a tie that goes with your suit. Make sure your outfit fits you appropriately, that your shoes are shined and there are no stains or wrinkles on your clothes.

Practice with a Friend of Career Coach

Consider practicing the job interview with a career coach, trusted family member or friend a couple of days prior to the interview. This will help you learn how to properly greet the interviewer, answer difficult questions and what to ask of the interviewer when you are prompted.

Learn about the Company

An interviewee can sign his death sentence on an interview if he knows little to nothing about the company where he applied. All it takes is a 15-minute search of the company’s website to learn about their history, what they do, if they have won any recent awards and who some of the management team is. Just make sure that you do not ask questions simply to ask questions during the interview. This will never go well for you.

Plan the Travel Route

Do not wait until the night before the interview to plan a travel route. The minute you are scheduled for the interview, plan out your travel route. Construction can occur at a moment’s notice, roads can close due to accidents or traffic can be heavy due to rush hour. Because of these reasons, you need to have alternate routes on your travel plan so you do not arrive late to the interview.

Sleep Well Night Before

One of the most important things you can do to prepare for an interview is to get a good night’s sleep prior to the event. This will help you look alert, be fresh and have a clear mind.

Prepare for your next job interview like it is the most important thing you will ever do during your career. Preparation will make the interview easier than you think.

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