With employee performance reviews on the horizon and a new batch of new hires coming this year, many businesses are looking for alternative ways to increase compensation to employees besides giving raises. There are many factors that motivate employees outside of their basic salaries and benefits. By providing thoughtful incentives year-round, your company can increase productivity and employee retention.

Let’s look at some of the possible ways you can compensate your employees by thinking outside the norm.

Flexible scheduling. Being able to choose a work schedule around important family responsibilities is a perk that many working people appreciate. Give your salaried employees the ability to select a work schedule that gives them time to take care of doctor’s appointments, parenting duties, and community service and they are more likely to be happier and more productive when they at the job site.

Remote work arrangements. As we shift into a global business market, many companies are converting to cloud based systems that allow for work from other locations besides the office. Provide your employees the option to work from home at least one shift per week, and they will reward you with above average work.

Corporate discounts. By networking with local vendors, you can offer many perks to your employees in the form of discounts for entertainment, dining out, events, wellness services, and more. This is a nice way to say thanks to your employees at no extra cost to you.

Free snacks and meals. What employee doesn’t appreciate having a good meal or snacks at work? Make it a point to have a lunch catered at least once a month for your employees. Offer healthy choices to encourage overall wellness.

Casual dress code. Today’s workplaces are vastly different than days gone by when men and women arrived in business suits. Workers now enjoy dressing comfortably to focus on their jobs instead of a fashion show. Provide guidelines for a more casual work environment with a policy that allows for jeans, t-shirts, and sneakers.

Gift card bonuses. Instead of tacking on taxable income for employees, use a special employee incentive gift card program to reward employees. Grocery and retail gift cards can be purchased at discount and then presented to employees to mark special achievements.

Education and training. In order to further their careers, employees often need additional certifications and training. Provide on-site educational options and tuition reimbursement as part of an added compensation strategy.

To offset the costs of employee incentive plans, many companies turn to temporary staffing agencies that provide perks to their staffers at no additional cost to you. The staffing pros at Davis Staffing can support your goals to maintain affordable staffing costs, while creating a productive workforce. Find out more about our employer services online.