The world of business is changing fast. Organizations interested in fast growth must do things a little differently than they may have a few years ago. One of the biggest differences is the necessity of using social media to create a buzz and awareness about your business.

A surprising trend that we are seeing with social media is that no business is really spared the need for using it. LinkedIn remains one of the underutilized but oh-so-important social networks that’s ideal to tap into if you’re really interested in growing your business. Here are a few ways you should be using LinkedIn for that purpose.

Join Groups and get Conversations Started

LinkedIn may be the more “grown up” version of social networking, but it’s still very social. You have to really participate in order to make the splash you need to in business today. Join groups that are relevant to your business and participate in the conversations that have been started. Create your own if there aren’t any. Just make sure you follow the rules of each group or it could reflect unfavorably on your business instead of making the positive impression you’re going for.

Ask for Recommendations

This is something you might want to do from employees (past and present—provided they left and/or are employed on good terms) as well as clients you’ve served. It’s not enough to simply grow your business with other consumers. You also want to set your business in a prime situation to attract a talented pool of potential employees too. This is a great way to do that and LinkedIn is one of the best social networks to turn to for professional employees you might want to have as part of your organization.

Keep it Interactive

The sole purpose of social networking, after all, is to socialize. With this in mind you want to keep your networking efforts up day after day and week after week. When someone asks a question that’s perfect for your business to answer, then it’s in your best interest to answer and participate in any follow-up discussion that may be necessary. Interact with the other people in your “groups” as well as those who become part of your circles. It will pay off over time.

LinkedIn can be an excellent tool to help you take your business to the top—especially if you incorporate tips like these into your social media marketing plans. Use it also to help find great candidates who can support your business growth. Let Davis Staffing show you their skills when it comes to sourcing candidates utilizing the best of social media today.