You have worked all year to boost your employer’s view of you and while you admit that you’ve made a few mistakes along the way, you want to ace that annual performance review. Most companies gather data from each employee’s work throughout the year and compile it into a concise, organized review. You sit down with the person from HR and discuss it. At this point, is it too late to do anything to boost your chances of a raise? There is still plenty you can do.

Be Prepared

What you believe your annual performance review will contain and what the company’s will actually include may be two different things. Rather than considering what you think you’ve done well, look at it from the employer’s vantage point. That way, when they ask, “How do you think things have gone this last year?” you can answer with plenty of details.

  • Have you done anything throughout the course of the year to increase the company’s profits? This could include increasing sales, contributing to successful marketing plans or cutting out wasteful spending.
  • Are you a team player? Specifically, when working with co-workers, do you encourage rather than compete? Do you help boost everyone in the office’s success?
  • Do you promote what the company stands for? Are you willing to go the extra mile? If so, how can this be measured in the work you have done for the company?

The annual performance review will likely include details about your year’s worth of work but often times, the company will use this as an opportunity to help you to grow and improve, too. By pointing out, with numbers and figures, what you have done well, it is easier for the company to agree to a raise.

What Else You Can Do

As you prepare for that meeting, take a few steps to ensure you have the information and data to back you up. Here are some things to keep in mind.

  • Take a few minutes to go through your calendar. Which projects did you contribute to that were a success?
  • Keep track of any feedback you have received from previous projects, managers or supervisors.
  • Note changes you have made since your last review based on what your employer or reviewer noted?
  • What milestones have you achieved in the last year? Which are you actively working towards daily? Where are you in that process?

In addition to these steps, also use your annual performance review as an opportunity to gain insight. What does the company want and expect you to do moving forward? You should also have an annual plan in place for your next year with the company. For example, the reviewer may ask where you would like to go within the company. This is the perfect time to have that answer ready to go.

The annual performance review may bring on some anxiety, but chances are good the company wants to use it as a way to help you to grow and develop within the company. Do not be over sensitive to what the reviewer says, but take it to heart.