Having a highly skilled workforce can be the mark of a great organization. Most employees enjoy learning new things and having the opportunity to apply what they learn in their employment.  Workers do not like to become stagnant doing the same thing each day without being challenged. Offering educational benefits can help enrich employees and make better workers. This translates to higher levels of workplace productivity — a win-win situation for everyone.

One of the key advantages of offering educational assistance is that it enables all employees to learn new skills. These skills can be applied within a short period of time directly to their work. More companies are facing competition and challenges both domestic and international. Having that extra edge helps to sustain business. Having an educated workforce provides a company the means to stay in business. Workers in education programs are always learning new things. They may be involved in projects that can be applied to their work. They can offer new sales techniques, new accounting procedures or new technology that an employer can utilize.

Educational programs can also help maintain loyalty and commitment among employees. College has become expensive with tuition rates increasing faster than inflation and the cost of living. Education assistance gives employees in college programs financial help to get their degrees. Employees will be more likely to stick with that employer.

Some employers find that providing educational benefits helps save money with changing requirements in certain industries. In the medical field there are regulations that facilities have to abide by in the care of patients. Employees have to meet certain professional criteria to maintain employment. Some positions require yearly trainings to remain certified. Other positions may find certification requirements increase. Education helps to maintain these requirements and employers who provide benefits help employees retain certification.

In some professions, it is necessary to offer education benefits to retain employees in key jobs. At a time of high unemployment there are some jobs that are difficult for employers to fill. Occupations in the skilled trades, sales and certain engineering and technical disciplines have a skill set that hiring authorities have difficulty meeting. Promoting educational benefits with existing employees who know the industry and the employer can provide them the chance to move into positions that a company needs. Organizations can find it easier hiring quality people from within.

Offering educational benefits can assist with career succession. Baby boomers are beginning to retire and with them are going the skills and knowledge they obtained through experience. Employers can overcome this problem with a progressive program of education benefits and hiring from within. Mentorship programs can be added to enhance the abilities of employees in these key jobs.

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