So you’ve been granted a minute or less to sell yourself as a terrific job candidate. How do you guarantee yourself a position – or at least, an interview? When networking with professionals in your field, you never know what opportunities will become available to you. If you’re looking to expand your career horizons, you have to be ready to earn the job on the spot. The best candidates come prepared for a run-in with a titan of your industry. Here at Davis Staffing, we’ve got the information you need to succeed in a quick one-on-one with the potential to get hired in the moment.

Perception is Everything

First impressions are important, and it can be a real balancing act. You’ve got to be confident and ready to promote your accomplishments but you don’t want to come on too strong. If you’ve got under a minute to make your case in an elevator or at an event, being too forward can kill your chances. Don’t accost them: keep it professional and start with the basics – your name, your current position, and your most relevant skills. You should know ahead of time what you want to project, but you don’t want to sound stiff or rehearsed. You’ve only got thirty seconds.

Humanize Yourself

If you’re speaking to someone who is accustomed to listening to people boasting about their accomplishments, it’s going to take more than listing your best attributes to grab their attention. Making a genuine connection with someone is what will force them to remember you. Try to relate to them by sharing a story or finding something in common. If you can make an impression as a compassionate parent or a resourceful employee, they’ll see a spot for you on their team. Another great way to connect with someone is through your network. If done tactfully, name-dropping can be an effective tool to showing you’re someone with useful resources. Emphasize that you’re an asset to any company, and hopefully, your audience will think so too.

Take Action

Finish strong with a definitive request. Don’t ramble on about how great you are and leave the individual wondering what you want from them. End your “elevator pitch” with a call to action – tell them you’re seeking a position, or that you want an interview. At the very least, exchange contact information and ask when they will be available to touch base once more. Make sure you feel confident as you exit the exchange that you’ve done what you can to take your career to the next level.

Work with a Top Staffing Agency in Chicago

Looking for a method to reach out to your ideal audience? A top Chicago staffing agency like Davis Staffing may be just what you need to obtain access to professionals in your field. We can assist with connecting you with people in your industry, or with terrific positions available to qualified candidates just like yourself. Reach out to one of our experts today to take the next step in your path to success!