The time is now! You’ve completed your training, you’ve researched the industry, and you’re ready to take the next step in your career as a lab technician. The essentials are probably already under your belt – the basic training, some experience, and your certification. However, the insider tricks and tips on how to cultivate an impressive lab tech resume may be unfamiliar. Here we’ll show you how to maximize your potential as you enter the job market, or search for a new position in the field.

Emphasize Your Skills

The most critical part of beefing up your lab technician resume is being specific about your skills and technical experience. If you’re looking to land a new lab technician position, fill your resume with you accomplishments working in hospitals, medical laboratories, doctor’s offices, or university labs. Don’t be afraid to highlight your achievements and promote the advancements you made or projects you worked on. If you ever worked closely with a laboratory manager on a project, or if you supervised other technicians — lead with that! These kinds of qualifications look terrific to hiring managers.

Stress Safety

A laboratory technician is a real asset when they value safety first. Use this to your advantage when you’re searching for your next position. Do some research in your area and see if there are any programs or workshops where you can hone your safety skills and learn techniques to advance your safety credentials. Volunteer to be the “safety officer” or “OSHA expert” at your job to build your resume. Always stay fresh on your knowledge of lab chemical safety and disposal, bloodborne pathogens and lab safety, and any other areas you need to be proficient in to present yourself as a great job candidate.

Make Strides in the Workplace

To show a new employer you are a superb option during the hiring process, your resume should be packed with your accomplishments and initiatives. To truly stand out, you need to do more than “a good job”, you need to transform your workplace and create change for the better. As a lab technician, the best way to make this happen is to come up with new policies or procedures to maximize work efficiency and enhance safety policy. Ask your peers and supervisors where improvements can be made, or how to assist them.

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