Are you looking for an innovative way to boost your leadership abilities? Try a new approach and look for inspiration from top scientists. World-renowned academics and researchers often have insight we don’t think about from day to day. However, the scientific method isn’t just for lab coat professionals: you can use it to your advantage as well! Here are the top four ways scientists can show you how to lead your team to success.

1. Rely on Data

When you’re facing a tough decision or trying to work through conflict, always start with the facts. Your most important asset is the information you have at hand. If you’re trying to get to the bottom of a confusing work snafu, the best thing for you and your team is to take a step back. Blaming the staff and indulging in rumors won’t get you anywhere: productivity lies in analyzing the data and moving forward with a solid, empirical basis in fact.

2. Admit what you Don’t Know

When problems arise in the office, be transparent. Acknowledge the issue and tackle it head on, rather than letting it slip under the rug. If there’s a complaint or mistake, don’t forget the best way to be an effective boss. If a customer asks something you can’t answer, the ideal response is, “I don’t know, but let me find out.” You can’t be expected to know everything, but you are expected to commit yourself to a client’s needs. Leading scientists do research because life isn’t black and white: there are many perspectives with which you can investigate an issue.

3. Trust Your Team

You’ve got support, so don’t forget to fall back on the resources your employees can offer. Feel confident when you hire, so that you always know you can count on your people. If you are going to bring a new member on board, make sure they have fresh ideas and problem-solving abilities. Leadership is enhanced by quality team members willing to back you and offer insight. Don’t go it alone: you’ve got a team for a reason. Ask for input whenever it’s appropriate, and make sure your staff feels like they are being heard.

4. Remember the Goal

Like many scientific and scholarly industries, the business world can lose focus and forget the goal: to help people. Your duty is to the client and to your workers. Overcome conflict by embracing human mistakes and dealing with conflict in a calm and empathetic manner. If you’ve upset a customer, apologize and work to communicate better in the future. Build your company’s reputation through considerate customer service and teamwork, and you’re sure to succeed.

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